Hello. I’m Alastair, and I’m a writer, coder, teacher, gamer, oenophiliac and geek. I see it as my solemn duty to fill up any available space with words, either written, as on this very blog, or spoken, as on the StoryWonk Sunday podcast I co-host with my wife and partner, Lani Diane Rich.

If you have a space that remains stubbornly empty, get in touch. I almost certainly have some words to spare.


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  1. Hi Alastair: I wanted to drop you a quick message and tell you home much I have been enjoying your Harry Potter and the Socerers Stone podcast. I have never read any of the books and I just started reading them to my kids 5 & 8 for the first time. We are all really enjoying the experience very much and your podcast is helping me to gain a real appreciation for everything that is happening in the text. I’ve enjoyed the podcast so much that I’ve also started listening to the I can do this all day podcast too, I’m a huge Marvel fan as well. There is a Harry Potter festival coming up in late October near Philadelphia, I’m not sure where you are located but here is a link with some information if you are interested. https://chestnuthillpa.com/events/harry-potter-festival-2016/ Thanks for all the time you put into your podcasts.

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