The Slender Man Myth

A warning: if you are possessed of a faint heart or tremulous spirit, you should probably skip this discussion of the Slender Man and his mythos. Nothing that I discuss is real, gruesome or gory, but the reason that it’s worthy of discussion is its ability to get under your skin and quietly disturb you. If, on the other hand, you’re interested in the ways in which myths and cultural artifacts are created in the digital age — and why this one in particular is so striking — then read on!

The Slender Man is a modern myth: a silent, faceless observer who watches from the darkness; an angular, tentacled mockery of human form; a harbinger of paranoia and violent death. He generally travels the world unseen, unless he is captured on film; if you have seen him, you have already drawn his attention, and it is too late. Even thinking about him is dangerous.

The original Slender Man image, by Victor Surge

Back in June 2009, users on the Something Awful forum gathered together to make fake paranormal images with which to perpetrate hoaxes. Their spirit was playful, and several of the images they created have indeed leaked out across the internet, presented as proof of the supernatural. When a user named Victor Surge posted two photographs of a mysterious figure in the company of children, however, something special was created. Surge posted two text snippets along with the photographs, which would, in the months and years which followed, act as the seeds of the Slender Man myth.

“we didn’t want to go, we didn’t want to kill them, but its persistent silence and outstretched arms horrified and comforted us at the same time…”

1983, photographer unknown, presumed dead.

One of two recovered photographs from the Stirling City Library blaze. Notable for being taken the day which fourteen children vanished and for what is referred to as “The Slender Man”. Deformities cited as film defects by officials. Fire at library occurred one week later. Actual photograph confiscated as evidence.

1986, photographer: Mary Thomas, missing since June 13th, 1986.

The second of the original Slender Man images, by Victor Surge

From its humble beginnings, the Slender Man has come to occupy a potent place in digital culture. Versions of his story have been posted on every public space on the internet, part of the cut-and-paste sharing of spooky or disturbing stories called creepypasta. Perhaps due to the iconic imagery of the Slender Man, he has found a particular niche in video series; there are dozens of YouTube channels dedicated to unfolding narratives involving the Slender Man and his helpless victims. Most attention, however, is focused on the so-called Big Three series: Marble Hornets, EveryMan HYBRID and TribeTwelve. Each is inventive and sophisticated, though they take very different approaches to the Slender Man himself, and to his place in a wider mythos. There are commonalities between the three universities, of course, including the distortion the presence of the Slender Man causes in recording equipment, cryptic messages from interested observers, and death. In Marble Hornets, he seems to be a solitary agent of insanity and death; in EveryMan HYBRID, he is a more ambiguous figure, who may offer peace and finality; in TribeTwelve, he is merely one vengeful part of a chilling collective.

Whether one is caught up in an unfolding narrative, chilled by a text piece, or simply shocked by a creepy picture, it’s difficult to travel too far on the internet without catching an enigmatic glimpse of the Slender Man.

The Marble Hornets version of the Slender Man

There are two reasons, I believe, that the Slender Man has been so successful: the first is his evocation of a particular kind of horror iconography, similar to the Gentlemen from Buffy The Vampire Slayer, the Silence from Doctor Who, the Observers from Fringe, Jack Skellington from The Nightmare Before Christmas, Lovecraft’s Nightgaunts and vampires. The facelessness of the Slender Man — a later addition to the myth, replacing the idea that the Slender Man could change his appearance — is also a common image, referencing even the Noppera-bō of Japanese myth. There are overtones of Munsch’s The Scream in the elongated limbs and smooth, bald head; in action, many of the referenced creatures share the same penchant for tilting their heads slowly, oftentimes as a precursor to some terrible occurrence.

I am not enough of a psychologist to offer an opinion on why that particular form seems to resonate through the popular culture. What’s interesting is the way it sustains itself: the mere suspicion that there is a deeper psychological meaning that this form is so subtly disturbing is, in itself, reason enough to fear it. After all, if everyone finds this image frightening, perhaps it’s because we all harbor a subconscious awareness of the Slender Man himself.


There’s probably a great deal to be made of his connection to forests, and the disconnection of modern humans from their natural surroundings; his connection with — and implied subversion of — the innocence of childhood is common in horror fiction; there’s certainly something significant about the way the Slender Man can be captured on camera when most witnesses — at least, those who remain untouched by his influence — see nothing.

The TribeTwelve version of the Slender Man.

The second reason that the Slender Man is so popular, it seems to me, can be found within the bounds of the rules of his existence. We live in an age in which any myth can be dissected and analyzed; information is our constant ally in the battle against superstition and fear. But knowing about the Slender Man — within any universe he inhabits — draws his attention to you. Thinking about him makes him real. Thus, our reliance on the comfort blanket of our own intelligence is subverted and made to serve the creeping horror. This is rewarded — if that’s the right word — by the mythos itself; the Slender Man isn’t about gore or violence, but about creeping paranoia and our human fear of the implacable, the inevitable. He is no Bloody Mary, no Candyman, who visits immediate violence upon those who know the right word, the right spell — instead, there is the waiting. The watching. The ever-growing fear.

The myth takes root in the smallest crack of doubt or fear, and is perpetuated by our own desire to no longer feel afraid; we don’t want to think about the Slender Man any more, because if I think about him he will know. If we don’t think about him, he’ll wait with infinite patience until we do. Exposure to the mythos is rather like gazing into the Nietschean abyss, except that the abyss, in this case, knows where you live.

And is waiting.

The EveryMan HYBRID version of the Slender Man

The profound way in which the Slender Man has taken root in digital culture can also be attributed, I think, to the open-source nature of his creation. Writers took what they wanted from the original material, discarded the rest, and created their own versions of the myth; those, in turn, inspired ever more disparate reinterpretations. The Slender Man underwent the same memetic mutation as any other urban legend, but it happened in an enormously compressed time period. One day, no-one had ever heard of him; the next day, he was already everywhere, in a thousand different variations — a fact which only emphasizes his supernatural abilities to corrupt minds, twist awareness, and move unseen. Thus empowered and validated, the myth continued to spread in the same anarchic, organic way, picking up a detail here, shedding backstory there. Every vision of the Slender Man is different, and that only makes him more disturbing.

For me, the Slender Man is more than an interesting myth, and the stories set in the ever-expanding Slenderverse are more than compelling fictions; I’m fascinated by the way the mythos has so rapidly evolved and expanded, and exemplified what is possible when creative projects are opened up to all comers.

And if I only had the time, I’d be working on a Slender Man story myself.

Edit: While I don’t have time to work on a story, I’ve begun to take an in-depth look at my favorite of the Big Three Slender Man series, Marble Hornets. I look at each and every video, analyzing it for juicy plot details and glimpses of the Slender Man himself. Take a look, why don’t you?

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145 thoughts on “The Slender Man Myth

  1. Now there you go again, scaring us little kids. STOP IT!
    To tell the truth, I didn’t know about the slender man. That’s a myth I hadn’t heard of, not that I pay attention to spooky stuff. I usually stick my fingers in my ears and sing. La la la la la la lahhhhh. Or quickly change the TV channel, or shut my eyes.

  2. Okay, officially creeped out, but fascinated. These kinds of myths always pique my interest and yet at the same time give me nightmares. I’m going to be seeing the Slender Man all over the place, now, aren’t I?

  3. I hadn’t heard of the Slender Man, either. How fascinating! Even his name is weirdly creepy. I was really struck by the similarity you pointed out between he and other pop culture monsters – particularly the fact that they all turn their heads in that creepy way.

    You know how in fiction characters always tilt their head to get a better look when they’re trying to figure another character out? (Like turning a key in a lock, I figure.) I wonder whether that movement creates the impression that this monster knows things about you you don’t even know about yourself.

  4. @Nan: I expected that the same thing would happen to me, but apparently my subconscious delights in frightening me about blatantly silly things. The Slender Man is far too creepy for my imagination to bother with it, sadly.

    @Anna: That’s a great insight. There’s an implied scrutiny to the gesture, along with the fact that it seems oddly inhuman, even when real people do it. One thing’s for sure: I’ll be watching for it in every monster I see from now on.

  5. These myths fascinate me, yet also linger in my mind, feasting on any doubt or fear I have. Then they become “real” to me. I always think I see them hiding in my room, or around a corner in the hall. But since I love these horrifying myths, my little collection of myths haunting me always gets larger. Call me an idiot, but I can’t help it. 🙂

  6. I don’t think you’re an idiot at all, Cloud! The reason that the Slender Man first attracted my attention was that it lingered in my mind long after I left my computer. It’s a singularly evocative idea, and the fact that the power of the idea itself is folded into the myth only adds to its creepy tenacity. 🙂

    Thanks for stopping by!

  7. can someone help me how can i get the slender man out of my head cause after i read thinking about slender man scared the hell outta me I can’t get his face outta my head

  8. Listen im only 14 and im scared … I just herd about this thing today and i swere i think I’m seeing him. Every time I look somewhere at the corner of my eye I can see some figure. I don’t know what to do and i’ve been looking through websites for a bout 4 hours looking for the awnser to keep this thing away but i’ve found nothing.

  9. this thing is rather creepy. my friends and i decided we are going to go on a slenderman hunt next friday the 13th. if we find anything i will post it on youtube.

  10. At the end of our fear there is no courage new self knowledge just oblivion if he dose take us there is nothing we could do just except his cold deathly embrace and know your fate

  11. i seen him when i was little…is that a bad thing? im 14 now my friend seen him to. i found out today who this thing was. i even had a dream about him. i was in the woods looking for my cat. i seem a man with long fingers, and was black and tall. i think thats what i saw. i got closer and he made a weird nosie. i woke up screaming after that….can you pls explain.

  12. Slenderman is something a friend of mine told me about. She tried to scare me I think but instead made me realize something. Slenderman is like an infection. Its scary only because you think he is after you so you image he is after you. But really its your mind that’s after you. If i had to guess Slenderman is a government program sent to design fear into enemies. And if i’m right then JIU and Purple Bloods most likely designed it. So the CIA is involved being JIU’s connection. Oh if you are reading this tell Angel Slipknot I sent her my regards 🙂

  13. To everyone out there, i have no face, i see you even though i have no eyes, i know where you are and who you are.
    to all the people who will read this everything you herd is true i watch you in your sleep, i come to you in your dreams, i watch you when you lest expect it.
    Watching you is my greatest pleasure. Nothing makes my day than seeing you shiver in fear because of my name. I. Am. Slender!
    When you finish reading this im comming for you NEXT SSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

    Turn around.

  14. all myths have truth to them. and to be honest, this has a real bad vibe to it. Show proof that he is 100% real or fake. imo this is bad.

  15. Interesting. I work at a mental hospital and we recently received a patient with panphobia (fear of everything). When we finally got through to her, she mentioned a creature matching this description and now that I know what she thinks she’s seeing, I can understand why she would be so afraid. Very chilling.

  16. Come on you guys… think with your heads!
    It’s a MYTH! the shit doesn’t exist, okey?
    There’s no need do be afraid. 🙂

  17. I have a friend that recently went on a trip and was taking pictures of the scenery. She unwittingly took a picture of something that may in fact be the “Slender Man”. I am big into myths of all sorts including urdan legends, etc. I will post the picture if at all possible soon. It is purly unedited and she said when she looked again, the figure was not there. I love your blog and appreciate the fact that you do not fall prey to believing one set thing about all the different stories due to them being mostly speculation. He/It is an unknown that we shall never fully understand; furthermore, most of the myths that plague this world aren’t fully understood neither conveyed perfectly so we must be careful to not assume things we cannot understand completely.

  18. I’ve never heard of this myth until PewDiePie released the game on video. Slenderman is just a myth and th imagesare photoshopped. As yo can see, the images are always blurry, which means that they’re photoshopped.

  19. WOW I also didnt know about this til’ Pewdie made a vid then I saw a MC mod of “The Slender Man” and SkyDoesMinecraft said there is a myth so I looked it up and this is just FUCKING CREEPY. I thought it was simply just a game. Dad? What son? I’m scared of the slender man III DOOOOONT CAAAAAARE. That is what Pewdie should do sometime.

  20. The urban legend of slender man is like mental crack for schizos. I do like the tale of it though like you said for the same involved thought it takes to compose a story like the darkness of doctor who. I loved some of these comments. “I keep seeing his face” and he allegedly doesn’t have one. Plus slender’s poor spelling. I get a kick out of this shit

  21. The Slenderman reminds me of an updated version of “It” by Stephen King or “Cropsey” of Staten Island. Very intriguing and a good ghost story for kids to tell at a campfire. As for being real, I hear he lives in a shed down the road from the Sasquatch. So to all the 14 year olds out there letting your mind play tricks on you and scaring yourselves silly thats what urban legends are meant to do. I would pay it for what its worth, a scary urban legend to give you a thrill, no more no less.

  22. if he watches you in your sleep then you would stay up all night ready for him and he watches me,you and everyone then there must be and lot of them
    p.s. the pic of the plane i can tell its fake because hes head sticks out a bit out the plane 😀

  23. kay guys seriously this. is. bullshit. im a realist, and if you really sat down and took a little think with your noggins, you`s see that thers just some fucked up r-tard probs getting paid loads of dough to mess with u guys and while hes sitting on his gold- toilette probably taking a dump right now, u slender man believers are buying his ”slender man repellent” charms and spells to weed him off. if everyone thought about him, the whole world would be dead by now.

  24. I think Slender Man needs a hug. Poor lonely guy. He most likley is sad people see him as a threat. I would totally be his friend. -13 yr old.

  25. Great myth..though as incredible and not to mention outrageous as all other myths I’ve come across, till date 😛

  26. This is absolutely amazing. I’ve been trying to figure out what I was going to write for a narrative in my English 111 course. After reading this, I know.
    I’ve heard tons about Slender, but never this much detail.
    Thank you.

  27. In reply to Rainbow Dash,

    “slender is just a really really really tall cia or fbi agent that has been photo shopped”

    This is very unlikely. He was created in olden Europe, more importantly, possibly Ancient Egypt.

  28. he is real i have also seen him and trust me the static is like a 2 second black out he is following me he even left me some notes no joke

  29. i was doing photographs and i picked up something unusual an object latched on to the end of the photo,i now know what it is,the slender man.He follows me every where now at the gates and even in my living room in the shadowy corner.


  30. I was seeing something out the corner of my eye for a while and it looked like a black suit.It was really creepy.One time I caught a glimpse of it and I swear it had no face.A couple of weeks ago my friend gave me the “slender” game and I started playing it,he didn’t tell me what it was about except for that I had to collect pages.When the slender man crept up behind me and the close up of his face snapped up to the screen I nearly screamed.After that I started searching for the story behind it and found this.Now I know what I was seeing.Also the part about once you see him you’re done for,it is the same thing for the new film “sinister”


  31. The Slenderman is a myth that was created on June 24th, 2009. I am sure it is used by parents to scare their children so they stay in bed at night. This is definitely one of the most ridiculous myths I have heard of in my entire life.

  32. This is really cool! @Kylie: I wouldn’t really think that telling little kids about Slender Man would really scare them. It’s only once he has been acknowledged that he focuses, right? Something more along the lines of the Boogy Man, or a remake of him (which this sounds a little like) Might work better.

  33. i love slendy honstley i just think hes sweet and the 7th graders made a life size of him outside our window in the commons. SLENDY ROCX (im being him for holloween.

  34. And I suppose unicorns and elves and trolls are real to…. they are mythical creatures. As well as this so called “slender man ” your mind is a dangerous thing it can fuck with you and makr you think you see things that are really not there as for the pictures photoshopped but in doing this, you have given a psychopath an idea. I bet some time from now there is going to be something on the news about a mass murderer in some wooded place. The only reson this mytg would ever be realvis if man kind made it that way. Again my personally opinion but this is bs.


  36. I played a game called slender. You are a little girl walking in the forest collecting eight notes. During which you are confronted by him. The screen goes static and he will telport away if you look away. Then he will kill you. In my opinion, Slender Man emphises on Man is a killing machine that will only come out at night and is made of fear. The more you think about him the more you will fear about him the more he is real the more you will die.

  37. if u look at the bottom of the face side of a dollar bill, (its on both the right and left side) there is a small figure there with many arms/tentacles, slendy possibly?

  38. Heyyyy I have seen slender man he’s my brother but I swear when I was younger he was always teased and he scared me ever night when I had gone to bed the tall long boy came to my bedroom and he scared me he would never stop and he had se power so our parents never heard me screaming now I still see him he is always in a corner in my bedroom as I’m writing this he is torturing me STOP SLENDER!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. My family and I went to New York and I was taking pictures on the drive up. Maybe it was my mind imagining things again, or I really saw Slender Man. We stopped at a gas station and there was woods surrounding the place so I thought I would go get great pictures. When I ventured into the woods, my camera caught something I didn’t see myself. It was a picture of a weirdly tall, skinny, black tree. Or that’s what I thought. When I tried to get the picture printed, the weird black skinny thing in the back ground had moved over to the right and it seemed closer.I keep it hidden on a shelf now and haven’t looked at it since.

  40. For those of you who think its just a game and the myths are based off of said game, you’re wrong. the earliest known depiction of “slender-man” was a wood carving by a German artist. in the 1540’s. strangely enough, this artist also went missing soon after his second “sighting”

  41. Iv dreamed about him too I was asleep in bed and woke up. When I looked out the window he was there watching me it freaked my out for weeks and refused to sleep with mywindow open and blinds closed

  42. Im not sure if slender man is real mostly because theres a game of him and if he was real ill be dead 2 or 3 months ago because i was singing a song makeing fun of him “If you see slender man dont you get to scared just grab your slender buddy and say these magic words FUCK u slender U can suck my DICK you cant get me slender cause im in my house BITCH”, tune to ted when u hear the sound of thunder’.

  43. I’m always telling my friend, who’s scared to death of him, that he’s not real.

    But because no one ACTUALLY knows what’s out there and what’s not– what’s real or what’s not–there’s always the creeping suspicion of “what if?” it’s quite sinister, though in my opinion, fear is irrelevant.

    Though I saw slender in my closet when i was sleeping in the dark. I told him to fuck off and turned around and fell asleep 😀

  44. Just to lett u know this is true!!! a friend and i have seen slendy/ slender man ourselves… Slendy was suppose to be a mythogical creature with 4 tenticles and 2 arms, there is a picture on line where slendy is in it at a park with 10 kids in the picture…
    … there is another picture there taken exactly 2minutes after that, 4 of the 10 kids at that park had gone missing and the slender man had gone at that exact time too.

  45. the slender man is soooooooooo scary that when i heard it.”The Knight”
    by HakubiLee
    The following is a short-lived research project on Slenderman.
    There are woodcuts dated back to the 16th century in Germany featuring a tall, disfigured man with only white spheres where his eyes should be and with the operator symbol associated either nearby or on the figure itself. They called him “Der Großmann”[Sic], the tall man. He was a fairy who lived in the Black Forest. Bad children who crept into the woods at night would be chased by the slender man, and he wouldn’t leave them alone until he caught them, or the child told the parents what he or she had done.
    There is an odd connection between German woodcuts, Renaisaance art, and other pieces from the 15th and 16th centuries, and that is the hourglass.
    From “Der Ritter”, the second Freckenburg woodcut, Hans’ Baldung’s “Three Ages of Woman and Death”.
    Even then, there is this chilling account from an old journal, dating around 1702:
    (Translated from German, some words may be inaccurate)
    “My child, my Lars…He is gone. Taken, from his bed. The only thing that we found was a scrap of black clothing. It feels like cotton, but it is softer…thicker. Lars came into my bedroom yesterday, screaming at the top of his lungs that “The angel is outside!”, I asked him what he was talking about, and he told me some nonsense fairy story about Der Großmann. He said he went into the groves by our village and found one of my cows dead, hanging from a tree. I thought nothing of it at first…But now, he is gone. We must find Lars, and my family must leave before we are killed. I am sorry my son…I should have listened. May God forgive me.”
    (Another one but this is actually from a book)
    So once the Slender Man began popping up in this thread, I could have sworn something about it seemed familiar. I’m an amateur folklorist, so I had a few source books lying around. It took me a while, but I finally found something in W.K. McNeil’s Ghost Stories of the American South. Most of the tales collected are transcripts of recordings other folklorists made, but McNeil compiles them and offers notes. A really handy book. So anyway, this particular story appears in the book’s seventh section, “Other Supernatural Creatures.”
    Well, I’ll you, when I was younger, a cousin of mine came to live with us. He was older than me and my sisters — maybe sixteen or seventeen — and we was the only folks he had left in the world, really. And he was the awfullest liar you’d ever know, anything he’d tell you was a lie, almost. I liked him all right. We slept in a loft during the summer because it was cooler up there, me and him, and in the winters we slept on the floor closer to the stove. My sisters had their own room.

    Genuine German woodcut
    Added by HakubiLee
    So one night my cousin wakes me up by punching me in the shoulder, and it’s summer so we’re up in the loft, and my first thought when he wakes me up is to just push him out, because I’m not happy at being waked up, you know? But before I can say anything he puts his hand over my mouth and even though it’s dark I can hear that he’s scared. “Listen,” he says, and so I listen real careful. It’s this scratching, like something on the roof, and the roof is right over our heads, mind you, ‘cause we’re in the loft. I was a trifle rattled, but I wasn’t having none of it. “So?” I says to him. “It’s just some raccoon or a cat.”
    “No,” says John, “I heard it before I waked you up, it’s like footsteps, like someone’s walking up there.” I wasn’t taking no truck with that, I told you he was the awfullest liar. So I went back to sleep, but the next day my cousin tried to tell Pap about it, and Pap wasn’t having no truck with it, either. But one night later on, while we was all having supper, Pap sent out my youngest sister to fetch water from the pump we had in the back. After a while we heard Lily scream, and it was Ma who got up first, and then Pap. The rest of us stayed at the table because we was like to get in trouble if Lily was hurt and we was there to gloat. Soon enough, though, we heard Pap and Ma shouting too, so me and John went out to see if they needed our help. All they had was the water pail Lily carried out, and there wasn’t no other sign of her.At first I didn’t understand what was going on, with both Ma and Pap shouting, and by that time my other sisters come out and they started crying, and my cousin was just standing there in the yard looking off toward something.
    “It’s the man walking yonder!” he yells, and he’s pointing out across the field. No one’s listening to him but me,
    and he keeps saying it: “It’s the man walking yonder! It’s the man walking yonder!”
    You already know it was suppertime, so you know the sun was setting and it was hard to see. But when I looked out over that field at the back of the house, the whole thing was lit up orange, and there was a row of big black trees that was the edge of the woods, you know? And I swear to you that I saw one of them trees moving, like a man walking away. But it couldn’t have been a man, ‘cause there ain’t no man that tall and skinny.
    Pap seen it, too, I think. He took us inside and locked all the doors, and he made us keep still while he got out his rifle. We waited like that all night, Ma crying the whole time. When the sun come up we took a wagon into town and told folks what happened, though as I recall nothing much came of it. John ran off a few weeks later, and we got a new house closer to the mill where Pap worked. I still can’t manage to look at trees during sunset though, especially not on windy days when they all move back and forth, like a man walking away.]

From what I’ve read so far, and based on various internet memes(hahaha right?) and other sites debating Slenderman, he operates on the the power of belief, and feeds on fear. As for the operator symbol(for fear of my safety, I wont write it, or even draw it), there are many debates as to what it is and how it’s connected to “slendy”. Some say that when your looking at him, Slenderman can teleport, so the operator symbol is a representation of him, bore into the minds of those haunted by him, so that he can teleport to them wherever they are. Some say it represents his face, the circle being his head, and the x representing it’s featureless face. One far fetched theory states that it’s a window he uses to pear into our world. This is one of my favorite quotes: “There’s another way of looking at it. Perhaps it doesn’t actually mean anything – you ascribe the meaning to it. Since you are familiar with the mythos, seeing makes you think of Slenderman. And since Slenderman operates on the power of belief, it turns it into a sort of memetic thought weapon.”
    Eye-Witness Account #1
    I’m done researching, I cant stand this feeling. I’m really paranoid and feel as if I’m being watched. This was a short-lived research project, but i don’t want to know anymore. From what I’ve read he exists based on belief. If that’s so, my research may provoke him. I started all of this because I was watching Marble Hornets Videos after someone had mentioned them in a Facebook post and piqued my curiosity, and they made me remember something that happened a few years ago. Something I’ve tried so hard to forget. I was sleeping, and at the time, my bed faced parallel with my hallway. I awoke one night, after everyone was asleep in my house. I was staring at the top of my bed(I had a bunk bed I shared with my little brother and I was on the bottom) and I had the this unnerving feeling in my stomach. I felt as if something was watching me. And it almost felt as if it was in my hallway. So, being an inquisitive little kid, I unwillingly turned my head to look. Thinking back, I wish I hadn’t. There was something tall and dark standing there, staring at me. It was dark, so none of it’s features we’re clear, but I could make out it’s silhouette. It was a tall, thin figure, that just stood there, staring at me. I tried to scream, but no noise came from my throat. Immediately afterwards the thing took a step forwards and I blacked out. When I came to again, it was still dark, so not much time could have passed, and after an unwilling glance down my hall, I saw that it was gone. I had no idea what Slenderman was at the time, so immediately dismissed it as a ghost of some sort. I know for a fact that it wasn’t

  46. to everyone who actually believes: I have seen him. I know here soon ill no longer be able to post any comments or be able to see my family or enjoy life. He is real and he will kill me. He has been in my dreams ever since I watched a video about the story of him or whatever. I live right by a wheat field and for the last month and a half I have been seeing him out there staring into my window. I haven’t seen him up close except in my dreams. These descriptions people are giving arnt accurate. He is tall and skinny… But his eyes are covered with skin and underneath u can see a faint greenish glow. The “branches” coming out of his back are actually arms. They are very very thin. He has 6 of them. He has 4 elongated fingers on each with very sharp talon like nails at the end. He has many times showed me in my dreams how he will kill me. Everytime he slits my throat with his talon nails. I sorry I just don’t know how else to describe them. I have looked for weeks for ways to get rid of him but I have found nothing. But… I realized soon enough on my own that it doesn’t matter. He will kill me anyways. If it seems like in kind of mono tone it’s cause I don’t really care anymore there’s nothing I or anyone can do if he’s after you. An to the people who criticize me, you’ll find out soon enough on your own. My symptoms herevlately have been getting worse. at first it was just the dreams. but now i wake up with marks o my neck. and i wake up with blood pn my sheets. about two dys ago i started to cough up blood. i have no doubt these are from him.I have boarded up my windows and put blankets over them an I have locked all my doors. I soon expect to be taken. I don’t care if you criticize me. Believe me or not. If your looking for solutions.. There is none. I’m sorry.

  47. Im a believer I read that long article with dur grobbman at midnight and I’m fucking creeped out. The next morning I saw him too. He was tall super skinny and faceless I screamed so bad my parents ran into my room and he vanished. My parents didn’t believe I saw him. They thought I was crying wolf. I don’t think they’ll laugh when I’m gone he’s after me I’m a goner

  48. Me and my friend asta are researching the Slenderman as he is called, there is no physical proof that he i sthe one who murders children, me and my friend are only 14, we know that if Slendy is real then he will come after us like said so in the myths the only difference is we are not afraid, we are curious, if slenderman really does exist and he apears of the fear of children then nothing will happen to us, then again whats to say those children didn’t die out of shock, horror or fright after seeing the slenderman, maybe he is real, but maybe he is also misunderstood.

  49. Holy crap! it’s following me! ever since i went hunting and seen a figure like the Slenderman, i been seeing it everywhere i go! What do i do?

  50. have you guys heard of the henderson horse farm inccident? i find it veary interesting and creepy if u listen 2 the recording…
    its freekin creepy!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  52. Bullshit i call bullshit if anyone really got these photos how in the name of the gods would the person get it back to someone if he gets that close you better fucking run lol

  53. A load of people think Slendy is a myth but i think he’s real, if he is real though i think he is misunderstood, think about it logically people, there is no actual proof linking him to any murders, i might not have proof that he didn’t kill all those people but i do have an opinion. All Slenderman probably wants is someone to keep him company, if he’s as old as the stories say then he’s been alone for a long time, maybe he’s just lonley and wants someone to be there for him, someone to be his friend, me and my friends research Slendy the best we can cause we wanna be able to understand him more, if he is real what is his purpose and what he does actually want, does that not intrest any of you people who critisize him saying he’s a monster, saying he’s a murderer. You don’t know how those people died big whoop, don’t blame it on somebody or something you don’t know a thing about, cause that really ticks me off, don’t know him, don’t critisize.

  54. I have seen him once but it was brief but i do know that after that i did some studying and i found him/it and heard the stories but i think he’s afraid i prayed for him to go and i have been good ever since thanks bye

  55. I’ve seen him when I was nine but I was an avid writer and drawer so I always thought it was my imagination but now I’m not so sure.

  56. Dude slendy should have a back story have some mad father who killed himself cuz his wife left him cuz he was disfigured in an accident made fun of by kids and he got fed up and started performing plastic surgery but that went. And sunk in his face so it looks featurless so he blows his brains and his spirit blames kids and women for his bad life and haunts them use that story any questions contact me @ if you want to get the story viral it would be awesome

  57. slender may be real may not.but i seen him he be stalkin me. now hes stalkin my friends and getting in their dreams. i have yet to dream about him. but you can get over fear of him by saying shelter me with the blood of jesus christ

  58. The games and myths are, yes creepy and they have created a lot of buzz, but now I have met and talked to some people over the internet on sites like “Youtube” “DeviantART” and “STEAM” that truly believe with every fiber of their being that Slender man is real. I try to tell them that he was created by another human being and sprouted from his mind as just an idea. Slender man has no more reality within our world as an actual body that spongebob. I feel sorry for them. I ask them if they have any evedence of Slender’s existance prior to the year 2009, and they leave no comment. There were, in fact, myths that were like slender man, but not such believed in as our “American” or modern version of slender. Now one pops up and there are believers “sightings”, “videos”, and reported victims who don’t realize that if they were a so called “victim” they would have the symptoms that they talk so much about but show no signs what so ever. What has fueled such insanity?

  59. Could a myth, like Slenderman become real if you truly believe in it? My friend told me about him last year in April and I was truly terrified. (I never had this feeling about a mythical creature before) And I saw him the second night I heard about him and I freaked out. My room was on the third floor and I had a big window that led to the roof, I heard this weird sound and it started to scare me, and there he was at my window staring at me. I ran into the other room. That was the first and scariest time I saw him. I’ve seen him a few other times too, and the other day I woke up to him staring at me just to back up and vanish.

  60. i cant believe you guys you are just copying my name to put it on a chat place you will all pay when i stalk you and kill you in your dreams and real life

  61. I had an dream about him to, and I was so angry because he was stalking me in my dream, I beat him up, after that I’ve never saw him again. The moral of this , face your fears otherwise you will never overcome it 🙂

  62. Ehhm… Nevermind I saw him again in my dreams. He better be Nice , otherwise I am

  63. Oh, honestly. Slender, get your butt off the computer! It’s time for dinner, for god’s sake.

  64. Slender man isn’t scary when you think about it. I mean, wouldn’t it be cool to have slender man’s powers. I’d have my older brother screaming all night.

  65. There is a film coming out this year 2013 based on Slenderman. It is called Entity. No not The Entity because The Entity is about a ghost film. It will just be called Entity. I cant wait for it to come out because i am going to watch it.

  66. I’m am a ten year old boy and my friend had told me of slender man and I am soo scared where ever I look I feel like he is following me and I know he’s fake but I can’t forget about him he is stuck in my mind I’m allways afraid to sleep now and I allways get night mares. If anyone has advice to me please post it I really need help

  67. I have always found stories like that to be interesting mainly because my fascination has anything to do with horror movie stories etc… But seeing those picture might actually give me nightmares…. Haha loved reading what you had to say

  68. u know he is that dark shadow u see in tha corner of your eye every now an then but if he shows him self thats when u know he is coming for u

  69. It’s entirely possible. But I don’t think knowing more about him makes him more likely to get you. so many people are learning about him these days, I think he just randomly picks some place….

  70. OMG!:) Me and my sister were playing slender man yesterday and it scared us to the days!!! We didn’t actually know the story behind him because we couldn’t go online from home but from the stories Iv’e heard…IT’S SOME SCARY SHIT!!!

  71. Okay, now don’t think I’m crazy. Me and my friends have seen Slenderman, in fact, I’ve actually come close to being taken by him. It happened only a year ago and now I’m 16 and still alive. I try not to think of him too much though. Because when I do I get nose bleeds. Bad ones.

  72. i still dont understand how was he made? wen did he become this man? wen did he start to take children? does he take children? wat are his other names?i want to know more about him even though i’m truly scared

  73. To all those people who say he is real, he’s not. If you say you always dream of him it is simple. You find something scary you often have a nightmare about it. And if you get a nose bleed/marks on neck that could be bed bugs anything. IT DOES NOT EXIST!!!

  74. well if u really knew him u wouldn’t say such mean things slenderman is misunderstood he has a loving side he kills because of anger and rage come on some of u people have to know what it fells like to be angry all the time slenderman if i ever did see him i would be nice but hes just a myth so yea but if he weren’t a myth than well i would be friends with him so yea

  75. We just saw him he was pitch black and had a black tie on and has a white T-shirt on and had no face but this is no joke HE IS. REAL!!!!! If you don’t believe me go to the forest in china and he WILL mess with your mind!!!! THISS IS TRUE!!

  76. I have studied slenderman, and I really love this kind of stuff i might be a little scared but it is very fascinating. I am only 13, but I am actually writing about him and am going to make a website. Now I know this isn’t real, but it fells like it is.I mean it just started with a contest in july 8th 2009 and now its huge. When I am done with my website be sure to check it out and check out Marble Hornets videos on you tube.

  77. For everybody who thinks that the slenderman is not real, and insults people who belieive in him, please stop it. Some of us have had very scary expeiriences that you haven’t. I am convinced that I have seen him, i see shadows moving out of the corner of my eye, I dream about him, I see him everywhere i go. The worst thing is that, I sing creepy horror music that i havent ever heard in my sleep! I learned about the slenderman’s existance from when the game first came out. I forgot about it for a few months, then I think I saw him out of the corner of my eye, then outside my window by my tree, it had a few more limbs than it should have. I saw the slender game on my desk top then played it and remembered my paranoia about him. I went on quotev and read stories, I googled and read all of the blogs I could find. I feel like I may have caught his attention. If he has taken some interest in me, I may die. I’m am not totally sure though. I am not definate about how he acts, and what he does, or how he would react to someone finding him, or vice versa. I have a strange urge to go into the woods. I have a strange tugging feeling, where I get so angry for no reason, I just want to kill something. I wake up with cuts on my shoulders, or with flecks of blood on me. I am stressed constantly and I have started cutting again. I also see the operator symbol everywhere. It is like it’s burned into my vision. Like when you look at the sun and see a purple dot everywhere for a while. Its like that, but its blood red, and always there. This isnt even the half of my story. Any advice? Pleeeaaaassseee email me at thanks!

  78. Reading this hasn’t scared me, let alone even made me cringe in fear. Yes I get the skin crawling but I’m not scared like most people. I’m 16 and have played almost every Slenderman game that is out there. People have taken this myth to far. The people who are posting as Slendy, they are just people trolling the internet in search of a cruel joke to scare people. Slendy is just a myth and most myths aren’t true to begin with. If he was real then in 2009, when he made is his appearance into our lifetime, would have killed me because I was a baby when I was 9. I wouldn’t use the bathroom in fear that something would bite me if I was on the toilet. People have taken this myth too far and these pictures too far. People just want to mess with peoples minds.
    Millions of people play Slenderman, research and dress up as him. He is famous for striking fear into our mind and messing with your head. Not once has he ever made a real appearance into anyone life without being some made up story. Since 2009, children have gone missing due to kidnappings or rape cases or runaways. Not once has Slendy ever made the news. No one has really seen his face and when you play the games, he face appears when he has caught you. People here get the pleasure of making people shit their pants just to get a thrill. I been researching Slendy for almost a year now. If people were so scare of him to begin with they would have move away or committed suicide. Once he has enter you life, you will forever be haunted by his presents until you go mad of insanity.
    Myths of all sorts have been portrayed to scare kids into going to bed or not staying up all night or to stay away from strangers of the unknown. When people say they have seen a tall, slender figure it may be nothing more than a tree. I never known of a human to be as slender as he is and at his height either. What has gotten to interested in looking for this story was just watching Pewdiepie playing a secret level on how Slenderman came around. He was once a boy who gone down a different path. In reality, he was just a Photoshop contest picture. People who sit behind their computer, tablet, iPad, or any device have sat down to think out how can they scare people into believing that they have encounter Slender. I played knockoff Slender games and real. Not once have I ever encounter this so call figure in real life.
    When I visit my grandmother, she lives in the forest and of course there are other people around her house but there are more trees and forest then people. She also lives by a lake. Living up there, a myth that is up there is a women in a white nightgown walking around in the woods at midnight. I have stayed up to see her and did encounter her. I went up to her but nothing happen. I also played Slender and read about him. Nothing happen when I was up there. The only shadow in the corner of my eye was my glasses because I have black frames on them. When they is actual physical evidence that Slender is in fact real as some have claimed, I would like to see the proof. Nothing better be photoshop because I love photoshopping pictures just to scare people. I’m not stupid, I know what’s real and what’s fake.

  79. I am officially spooked out. I love learning about new myths and storyies but this is one i hadn’t heard of until a week ago.
    What makes it creepier is I have “known” about him for a few years now. I have seen a tall man in a suit standing at the foot of my bed while falling asleep and a few months ago my older sister, cousin and I went to an closed down asylum. My sister and I had already been there once and were very creeped out by this one building. But when my cousin (14) came with us, it was much, much worse.
    I felt like I was being watch and that something/someone was trying to reach for me with mutiple arms. I described it/him looking like as a man about 6 1/2 ft tall, completely black like an abyss and multiple unseen “tentacles” trying to wrap around me. I didn’t say anything because I felt like I couldn’t talk but my sis and cousin said they felt very odd and we left.
    A few weeks after this happened I see my cousin playing a game called Slender on an iPad and ask her if I could see. When I was “killed” by the “enemy” in the game I asked her what this was and explained to her that I had seen him at the asylum and that I had no idea he was “real”
    Well, now I am going to definitly avoid HIM when I see him again. (hopefuly not in my house again!!)
    Thanks for the great page!!! 😀

  80. Well I have a story and mine is actually real but I’m not saying slenderman is real, it could’ve been anything. So, my brother, his friends and I were bored so we decided to go slender hunting, we go on a pitch black gravel road behind my house as we are walking on it nothing happens, then the gravel road opens up into a neighborhood, well my brothers friends didn’t know where to go from here, so I suggested this gravel road that was a few blocks down by a house a used to live in, unfortuneitly it was also pitch black. So we are walking on the gravel road and then it suddenly gets cold then we hear this very loud and VERY high pitched screaming that sounds like it’s coming from a woman, it’s last for about half a second to a second, so we run in the opposite direction, and when we make it back to the neighborhood we stop to gather ourselves and my brother realizes he dropped his phone cause he was useing it as a flashlight, so we decided to go back and get it, when we make it back to where my brothers phone is one of his friends suggest that we keep going cause he wants to see if there is anything there, so after a minute of arguing we all decided to keep going, we make it to the end of the gravel road and then we turn around. We get to the neighborhood and we are in the middle of it and one of my brothers friends throws up, it could’ve been just because he was scared, but it was still creepy as hell. It starts to get really real cold again and one of my bros friends noticed his friend is acting himself and we couldn’t get his attention at all. So we start going back down the first gravel road and then we make it back to my house, but my bros friend still isn’t acting himself and he’s just staring off into space, then finally he snaps out of it and talks to us, and that’s the end of the story. If you have any questions or if you have any stories cause i like hearing other people’s story just email me at

  81. you probably wouldn’t believe me but………… I SAW SLENDER i was so scared because i’m only 9 years old

  82. If agreed about the fact that the ‘Slenderman’ is a fictional character, then how is this documented in older tales dating back to like- Der Ritter-1540.
    Not disagreeing to anything you said above.

  83. Wow shit. I really gotta pee but am scared of him standing at my toilet seat.
    You know, I’m a ‘what if’ person so don’t judge me.
    Read all the stories above me and thought: Wow, alot of guys see this guy.
    Then the ‘what if’s are coming above.
    I played the game and it was fine (except for creeping the hell out of me when he stands before u)
    But reading this gives me some real creeps.
    Anyway, sounds like a magician, or like in photo 2, a lover of childs…
    For the guys who ‘saw’ him, it was probably a guy who was busy scaring lil’ kids for a kids party :). Just went to the bathroom and didn’t saw him :).

    Bye 🙂 (Wow alot of smileys -.-)

  84. Okay, so my friend woke up one night and slender was standing at the edge of his bed. They were just staring at each other for a while. Then my friend pointed his finger at him and said “cool.” Slender did the same thing, but didn’t speak. my friend said he saw him smile a little. Then he just vanished. So my friend went to sleep, like a boss.

    The next morning, when my friend went down the stairs, he blacked out for a minute. when awoke, his family was around him like: wtf, are you okay, bla bla bla. He went to the hospital, did the test, and that’s about it. That’s when I thought.

    When I met up with him the other day, he said he has “regularly” visits with slender. He said that one time, he go a Mexican mt dew bottle cap. I don’t know much, but a hope shit doesn’t get real between them. 🙁

  85. i don’t like the story of slender man but
    i find a great dill of nightmares story real
    but slender man i find greatly real
    for i have seen him

  86. What a load of crap !!! Come and get me slender man ! I will make you talk ! When I rip your head off !!!!!!!!

  87. I̝̪̻̼͕͕͖͊͝ ̍͟Aͬͩ̇M͇̟͍͚̤̻͈ͧ͒ͮ̋ͨ ̦͌ͭ̄̂͑ͭͅT̷ͧ̿̓H̰̤̣̬ͨ̄ͪͣ̚E̅ͫ̓ ̠͚͉͙̭̆̈͒̓͟SLENDERMAN
    ͚̠͈̦̝͕͂͋̃ͦ́ͫ̍ ͆̆͌̂̿͏̖̰̩͕̲͉O̳͉̜͘N̹͍̱̽͐ͧͦͦ̊̽͡Eͫ҉̖̬̟̻͙̞ ̙̰ͫ͊̾̈ͯO̷͔̙ͦ̅F͓̘̤̙̥͛̽̈͗ ͙͙͓̂̓Ỹͩͥͯ̍͆̇҉̜Ò̼̱̘̤̹̣͛ͣͫ̾Uͮ҉̮̮̠͇͔̳̣ ͙̦̥͙̱̺͊́͛̀̽ͭ͐͜ͅH͙̪̙͔͙̐̀Á̓҉̭̗̲͖̦ͅV̡͎̩͈ͫͣE̯͉͍̤ͧ͗̉̎̉ ̛̦̥̲͚ͩ̊̚Ĉͭ̍͐ͦ̅̚A̞̖̰̪̪̠͢ͅL̹͎͉̞͕̣̏̎͂̾̒L̳̋ͤ͆̒͋̉̚E̪̽ͣ̍̈́ͨ̄̔͟D̷͖̪̬ͨ ͎̺̫̘ͮͤǗ̱̟ͬͯ̂͋ͦP̔̃̋͌͒͊͊͏O̾ͤ̀̓N͂̒ͨ̊̃҉̦̩͓̗̼̫ ̨̲̳͔̦̺͈̑ͯM̧̦̲̅́͆E̢̪̊͋̂ͨ
    ͕̦̀̆͒͌ͬ͜S̺̘ͪ̍̄̈́̓̉̚E̼̗̠͋ͨ͂É̲͖̱̗̑̂͢ ̶̖Y̱̱͙̜̼͌̍̄ͣ̄̾͢O̮̲̼͝U͕͑ͫ ̸̻̥̯̘̊ͣ̇ͮS̭͍̄ͬ͋̃̇ͦO̍̓͑̔O̊͊͐͐ͣ̍̀Ι͉͉̳̫̠̰N̯̣̤͎̦͑͐

  88. You people. This is truly fascinating. You people who say that Slender Man is a myth, is he truly? There are stories dating back to Babylonian and ancient Egyptian times.Yes, his appearance and ‘powers’ have been changed and molded, and his nature is alwa discussed. Some of you are right, it has been a tale told to scare children, and as someone earlier posted, all myths have a grain of truth. I have several theories myself. I’m a Non Denominational Penicostal, and the church I go to is Grace Tabernacle International Ministries. I am a Christian Idealist, a thing that is rare. I could say, Slenderman is just a myth, or maybe he is a demon from hell. But, I could also say that maybe long ago ancient people found some trace to a form of radiation, and was affected either by touching large amounts of or being caught in an explosion of. Radiation in great amounts may have strange effects, like changing size or shape, growing extra limbs, or maybe all. Mutation is an odd thing. A radiation explosion could have easily burnt away all of his face, and every thing on its head, and instead of blackening it, turn it white. Like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster, there is no true proof that he is real, or any that he is fake. A myth is a tale told from long ago, or from the recent present that people refuse to believe and make it fake. Just because you have not seen, heard, felt the Slenderman does not mean he is fake. He could easily be real. The earliest Slenderman myths tell of him being a demon or ghost, set on correcting children or to terrorize humans, which is what most myths were in the eralier days. Scientists say we are smarter now then we were then, but truly we are stupider than ever, because we have lost the power to think and imagine. Alright, so some dudes made some picture of a man in a business suit, removed everything on his head, and made all shown skin white. He then posted it on a website, and its gone viral. Does this make such a creature fake? No. Really it makes it all too true. When God gave us the ability to think, he gave us the ability to create. It may have been fake once, but now since we have perfected its image, finalized its atributes and abilities, we have created a Slenderman. One thing no one has ever suggested is a weakness, which in all ‘myths’ the antagonist and protagonists have weaknesses, if only one. I have theories on every myth and take i know, and reasons why these so fake creatures could be real. But, I think if such a creature known as Slenderman exists and has evaded public sight or any true proof for this long, and that if we all see him as fake and don’t think of or try to find ways to stop it or prove it real, he will continue to remain out of our humane attributal conscious, and continue Kidnapping and Killing.

    -Christopher Allen Svarog Warren

  89. I realize this is an older thread, but the legend is new to me, so I had to look into it. Does anyone else think the “Slender Man” bears a strong resemblance to The Men in Black? They are, of course, always dressed in black and while they aren’t faceless, their faces are often said to be so plain as to be almost impossible to truly describe. They are also said to have an inhuman quality about them, which would equate to the Slender Man’s tentacles (humanish, but not human). I enjoy reading legends and myths, but they are called myths for a reason. There’s nothing any more real about this one than about vampires, werewolves or the Men in Black for that matter. Those who think they’re seeing him should either lay off the caffeine (or stronger drugs) or seek help. Thanks for this article, Alastair. It’s interesting.

  90. Wrong. Slender man originated from Germanic Culture in the mid-to-late 16th Century legend of “Der Grossman” meaning “Tall one” Supposedly a tortured knight who had vowed his return and promised his vengence would be taken on all. He became what was called a “faerie” after his death. Most faeries were known to do the following:
    To kidnap children
    To appear different to different people
    To have many names (keeping their true name secret)
    To disguise themselves and other things using faerie glamor (E.G. Kelpies disguise as horses)
    To eat people in some cases (E.G. Kelpies)
    To cause disease to those they encounter
    To be able to change their form at will
    To put people in a trance or put a person completely under their control
    Have odd features (such as oversized or non-existent facial features such as noses or mouths, or lack of emotion)
    Don’t always have wings (and do not require them for flight)
    To be visible only to certain people
    To seemingly teleport
    To grant wishes
    Trick humans into trusting them before leading them into some sort of trap

    After taking his vengence, he would encounter misbehaving children only a day before they mysteriously disappeared. Never to be seen again. On the occasion that the creature was encountered and met with violence he would exact retribution on the town nearest to where his prey was caught. Der Grossman would infiltrate the town and single out certain villagers, possibly those with darker or violent hearts, and impale them on high branches of trees –an attribute of his said American origins.

  91. Guys you don’t have to worry I’m not a bad guy, sure I kidnapped and killed dozens of children in the early to mid 80s but who didn’t back then? Now a days I just chill out at my crib every once on a while I will go stand in a playground in the middle of the night for hours on end but that is just for laughs. Anyway if you see me out in public and don’t want me to haunt your dreams and murder you just say the password “penguins” that way I’ll know your cool and when can go play GTA 5 together.

  92. @Joey Jaimes I know how to keep him away… DON’T COLLECT THE PAGES! LOL jk! But I personally do not believe in Slender Man. I mean, sure I run up the stares with my eyes closed as soon as I turn off the lights, but I have that fearful crap that goes on in my mind 24/7. If you want to talk to me about this, here is my email: I am 13 and I know what it’s like to see things that aren’t there. Email me if you want to talk about it.

  93. Alright, I’m not saying I do or don’t believe in Slenderman. I don’t have anything to prove that he does or doesn’t exist. The truth being his first story (Well known anyway) Was told in Germany many years ago. The tale went to say that any children that snuck into the ‘Black Forest’ at night were haunted by the ‘The Tall Man’ (Called der großmann in German) until they finally confessed to their parents about what they had done. If they didn’t, he would take them away, never to be seen or heard from again, alive.

    The story of der großmann is well known and is believed to be what sparked the interest in CreepyPasta forums. The two first images posted were based off of his legend. In Germany, the main tale of ‘The Tall Man’ are supplemented by others relating to him. A story of a mother who was told to take her twin daughters into the forest where they met with a ‘Tall man wearing nobleman’s clothing’ and one twin was told to carve a circle into the ground so her sister could lay in it and be cut open.

    In Egypt there are tales (Not many and not too in depth sadly) About how the pharaoh had a connection with a creature of ‘unnatural height and unusual limbs without bones’ that would take children from their homes without another word or sight of them. (there are tablets with an image carved into them with the same features as described. Not a Hieroglyph that has been seen again I might add.)

    While the recent sightings and images/videos posted all over the internet about ‘Slender Man’ are most likely fake, the story itself goes back many more years than just 2009. Please, take the time to look up your history on Mythos before you completely discredit them to being something made up and completely bogus. Nothing is fake until proof is given.

    (I’m sorry if I seem irritable, but I come from a long line of German heritage and it bothers me to see people completly blow off something I was told as a child. der großmann was one of my favorite stories and I hate to see him completely ruined by today’s pop culture.)

  94. Don’t be scared , i never killed any one ; I was just take ing my dog for a walk , in the middle of the night ,
    I never hurt no one ,

    But most the time I just stay home and play MINECRFAT for the xbox ,
    also halo , ✌️

  95. Okay. I love old myths and stories, and personally this one is my favorite. Originally “The Tall Man” was an old German myth told to make children behave themselves in the 16th-ish century. The being would steal BAD children away, who went into the ‘Black Forest’ at night, and if they managed to get away, he’d stalk them until they told their parent about their wrong-doings.

    The only issue I’m having with the entire thing is that: All myths and legends have SOME truth to them.

    Also mind you, that in a lot of the accounts, he is described to be roughly 6-8 feet tall, which would be very rare to a normal being at the time, but not in the most current 19th-21th century. That is only a 3 century difference.

    And along with what Sonya said.. There have been accounts of the man, in different cultures, not just the German tale. This kind of stuff pisses me off to no end, saying something is fake, when there are stories and myths beyond the 21th century saying otherwise.

  96. Also, I only mentioned Sonya because I noticed her long post awhile after I had finished what I was saying… ^^; Whoops.. Helps to read something

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