Weekend Edition

The Weekend Edition is my opportunity to highlight everything awesome, nerdy and cool that has crossed my digital path in the last week.

Tea, with Alan Rickman.

The first YouTube comment asks, “Can I get pregnant from this?”. It’s… it’s a real concern, I think.

Alright, let’s play a little word association game. I say cat, you say dog. I say glass, you say wine. I say adorable lake-front cabin, and you say…

Finland! That’s right!

This two-floor cabin by Robin Falck has a 96-square-foot footprint, cost $10,500 to build, and neatly evaded local planning legislation. Via Design Milk.

Drunk book reviews? How the hell did someone think of this idea before I did? Well, no matter — this is far cuter than seeing me get snarky and bitter over a glass of a good shiraz.

Tip number one: when you’re drinking, make sure you put it in a fancy cup. Because that is how you know that you’re a fancy bitch.

And don’t miss Stephen’s book: I’ve heard nothing but good things, and it’s on my list!

Thanks, Kari!

Don’t worry, everyone: all disease and illness has been cured at last. Thanks to Darren Cullen (via Boing Boing), you can now buy this universal panacea:

This must never be forgotten.

And finally, a reminder of the importance of proper social-media etiquette, courtesy of xkcd.

That’s it for another week. If I missed anything awesome, shout out in the comments!


5 thoughts on “Weekend Edition

  1. Everything is so cool! Love the little Finland cabin. How do you find this stuff? My forays onto the web somehow always end at Amazon free Kindle books or shoes…I’m doing something wrong.

  2. I really like the xkcd comic, but I don’t actually know what Klout is. But I am extrapolating from the context. Love the little cabin. But I would need a kitchen, which would probably spoil the whole gestalt. I don’t think it has one.

    @Nan – some would say you are doing something right.

  3. @Robena: Me too! 🙂

    @Nan: I could tell you my secrets, but what would keep you coming back here every week? Ah, I kid – I’ll do a post later this week listing all my favorite sites for finding awesome things.

    @June: Klout is a tool for measuring your “importance” in social media like Facebook and Twitter. It sells the idea that moving a needle — the number of followers, the number of likes, the number of retweets — is more important than forming relationships and real, human connections. It’s nothing less than toxic, and it’s best avoided as much as possible. 🙂

    @Thea: Thank you!

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