Weekend Edition

The Weekend Edition is my opportunity to highlight everything awesome, nerdy and cool that has crossed my digital path in the last week.

It’s been a little while since I posted an xkcd comic, but this one was too good to miss:

Jason Craft created this awesome live-action Portal video using coffee cans with motion-capture markers, which he then overlaid with CGI to create the iconic portal gun. Coffee: is there anything it can’t do?

And while we’re talking about live-action Portal, I can’t pass up the opportunity to revisit this short film from last year.

Over on Slate, Dahlia Lithwick proposes a unified theory of Muppet archetypes; that is, are you an Ernie, or are you a Bert?

Kevin Kelly spent two months travelling in Asia, and limited himself to a single second of video every day. This is the compilation, and gives a fascinating montage of both the journey, and what he thought was important.

As we all know, animated .gifs are a plague on the internet. That said, the recent movement toward beautiful, subtle animation has proved that every medium has merit. These are my current favorites, courtesy of 39momo on Tumblr and Likecool.

And finally, something simple and amazing.

That’s it for another week. If I missed anything awesome, shout out in the comments!


4 thoughts on “Weekend Edition

  1. Oh, the starlings took me back to evenings in Brighton where they would swarm and murmur above the decaying West Pier. And then, there was an arson attack and the starlings were burnt out. Aren’t they just amazing.

  2. I’ve seen the Murmuration before, and even posted it on my website. It never ceases to amaze me, and the music is just perfect.

    I umm…I don’t get the cartoon, alas. Can you explain it for the slow kids?

    And happy birthday again! That was the highlight of the week as far as I was concerned.

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