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The Weekend Edition is my opportunity to highlight everything awesome, nerdy and cool that has crossed my digital path in the last week.

If scientists, laboring in an underground laboratory, were to create a short phrase designed to make Lani as happy as she could possible be, they may well come up with “vintage aluminum Airstream birdhouse”. Oh, look what I just found on Etsy:

These time-lapse shots of the night sky make me happy.

Next in our ongoing series of implausible things catching fire in Ohio, ten tons of toilet paper burned on I-75. Sadly, there isn’t a photograph, but enjoy this account from the Toledo Blade.

A semi trailer hauling 20,000 pounds of toilet paper caught fire on I-75 in Perrysburg Township late Tuesday night, according to the Ohio Highway Patrol.

No one was hurt. But much of the toilet paper was ruined. Hundreds and hundreds of rolls spilled onto the roadway. And many of the rolls remaining in the trailer that weren’t damaged by smoke and flames were doused by the fire department, according to the patrol.

Rock Plourde, 56, of LaSalle, Quebec, Canada, was driving a truck south on I-75, just south of State Rt. 795, at about 10:15 p.m. when the trailer air lines dislodged and caught fire, according to the patrol. The fire spread to his rear trailer axles and then shot up into the trailer and load of toilet paper.

Some lanes were closed for a short time and traffic was backed up for at least a half mile.

And all that was remained was the most disturbing papier-mâché sculpture in history.

This is not the greatest trailer in the world, but the show is awesome and Matt LeBlanc — I can’t quite believe I’m typing these words — genuinely deserved his Golden Globe win.

This was one of the promos for the first season, and tells you everything you need to know.

The new season of Episodes begins on July 1st.

Fresh from BuzzFeed, twenty-one pictures that will “restore your faith in humanity”. This is my favorite:

Ze Frank is, among many other things, one of the world’s most fascinating and exciting philosophers.

The postcard, by the way, reminded me of Sweetness and Light’s current Best Song Ever.

That’s it for another week. If I missed anything awesome, shout out in the comments!


3 thoughts on “Weekend Edition

  1. Tell Lani that an Airstream trailer is featured in my current WIP–and it’s a bit magical, with a personality of its own 🙂

    The sign about the books made my freaking day.

    Happy weekend to all on Squalor on the River. And tell Jenny that Samhain the cat went to get a check-up for her chronic renal failure and she is “holding steady.” I think about you guys every day when I give her fluids.

  2. @Deborah: Sounds like a fun book — I’m looking forward to it! And good luck to Samhain; it was a tough ride with Lyle, but every day was worth it.

    @Thea: No kidding! 🙂

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