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The Weekend Edition is my opportunity to highlight everything awesome, nerdy and cool that has crossed my digital path in the last week.

Wow, it’s been a while, huh? It’s been a busy couple of weeks — so busy, in fact, that I’ve built up quite a stash of awesomeness from all around the internet. Let’s play catch up, shall we?

Oh, and if you miss me here on my blog, you can generally find me over on StoryWonk.

A couple of days ago, Lani and Jenny went out shopping. They returned, as they are wont to do, with trinkets and tchotchkes galore; but nestled in the wonderment was a gift for me. A mug. A Batman mug. A mug, if you will, avec Batman.

It’s awesomeness was only matched this morning, when I was sipping coffee from that very Batman mug, and discovered this:

Yes, it ends badly. Let’s all just… walk away.

Over at Drunks and Lampposts, Simon Raper graphed the history of philosophy. It’s a fascinating, audacious piece of work, and I spent far more time than I should getting lost in the myriad connections.

Thanks to the good people at Web Urbanist, I discovered this remarkable abandoned observatory in Cleveland. It has a curious history, and remains nothing less than strikingly beautiful.

At Mental Floss, Erik Sass is covering the events of World War I, exactly one hundred years after they occurred. It’s a fascinating chronicle, and Sass offers great insight.

Like all right-thinking people, I know that secret entrances concealed behind bookcases are inherently cool: like this one, from the aptly-named Opulent Items.

Since we began with a supercut, let’s end with another. Aaron Sorkin has a distinctive writing style, and certain words, phrases and deliveries have cropped up more than once in his work.

A disclaimer: this, despite what you’ll read on the internet, is not proof that Sorkin is a self-plagiarist, that he is creatively bankrupt, or that he’s a one-trick pony. Writers all have personal quirks and recurring references; if you analyse any corpus of work, you’re going to find repeated beats. Sorkin has his problems as a writer, but this video is a celebration of what makes him awesome.

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That’s it for another week. If I missed anything awesome, shout out in the comments!


2 thoughts on “Weekend Edition

  1. I came across this today and thought of your weekend edition.

    Deepak Chopra and his family have launched The Chopra Well, a new original lifestyle channel on YouTube produced by Alloy Digital’s Generate Studios. Launch series include: Spiritual Solutions, which will offer stories and tips to help viewers find creative solutions to life challenges as well as answer questions from members; Chopra Centered, tips from experts at the Chopra Center; Who Are You?, an interview show hosted by Chopra featuring guests ranging from scientists to celebrities; Holy Facts, which is being described as “Ripley’s Believe It or Not with a spiritual twist”; 30 Days of Intent, a “spiritual makeover show” from Chopra’s daughter Mallika; Ask Deepak, a daily dose of the spiritual expert’s thoughts on current topics; and The Meditator, a daily meditation show. Alloy says more series will be introduced over the coming months.

  2. I believe that is one of the Sorkinisms Supercuts made by Kevin Porter, host of Gilmore Guys. Both a massive Sorkin Fan and a bit of a supercut nut.

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